Friday, September 2, 2011

CAHFS Connection Newsletter - September 2011

Small Ruminants
Message from the Director
Richard E. Breitmeyer, DVM, MPVM

Abomasal parasitism is seen year-round in goats and sheep submitted to CAHFS.
Teladorsagia and Haemonchus are the most common worms found in the abomasum. These
parasites cause bottle jaw and anemia and can lead to death. Resistance to available
deworming medications has been reported, and may contribute to large parasite infestations
in these livestock species. Diagnostic fecal exams in conjunction with deworming
history can help to identify this problem. Pasture goats and sheep may also have copper
and selenium deficiency predisposing to more severe infections with parasites. Serum for
copper and whole blood for selenium can be tested to detect deficiencies.


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