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Goat Pregnancy Issues and Prevention

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Ketosis  |  Selenium Deficiency  |  Milk Fever  |  Entrotoxemia & Tetanus

Goat Pregnancy Issues and Prevention  

The overall nutrition and health of your does is the single most important factor in having trouble free pregnancy and healthy kids. Make sure that you are providing high quality feed, maintaining a stress free environment. Poor nutrition, cold weather, or overcrowding can all lead to abortion. For any of the following pregnancy issues, or any other issues, remember, an immune system boost can make the difference.
Keep Bovi Sera on hand always!

Ketosis (Pregnancy Toxemia)
Ketosis occurs within the last few weeks of pregnancy. Common symptoms include loss of appetite, spastic motion, twitching ears and inability to stand. Labored breathing, coma and death can result. Provide a sufficient,... Read More »
Supplies for prevention and treatment:
• Nutri Drench »
• Keto-Nia Drench »
• Econo Drench Syringe »

Selenium Deficiency
Selenium Deficiency symptoms include skin disorders, white muscle disease (a type of muscular dystrophy), lowered reproduction and conception rate, decreased milk production and milk quality. Soil deficient in selenium produces plants with the same condition which results in your does not having enough selenium.  Read More »
Supplies for prevention and treatment:
• Golden Blend Minerals »
Milk Fever
Milk Fever is a blood calcium deficiency that occurs in does just before and just after kidding. 
Symptoms: Weakness in hind quarters, back feet dragging, constipation and inability to withstand normal labor.
Causes: Excessive calcium intake that exceeds her needs...Read More »

Supplies for prevention and treatment:
• Calcium Drench »
Econo Drench Syringe »

Entrotoxemia & Tetanus
By doing a 2 cc sub-Q injection of C&D/Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine 4 to 6 weeks prior to kidding, you will encourage the doe to build up antibodies against Entrotoxemia and Tetanus. These antibodies can be passed through the colostrum to the newborn kids... Read More »
Supplies for prevention and treatment:
• C&D/Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine »


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