Friday, February 3, 2012

Hoeggers Februrary Newsletter

February Newsletter  

2012 has arrived and here is the first of Hoegger’s New Year Resolutions: A Newsletter! The Hoegger Farmyard Newsletter will be available monthly and will include articles on goat health, cheesemaking, soap making and more based on what’s relevant to our customers and what’s going on in our community.  

Raising Healthy Kids 
Kidding season is our favorite time of the year! We want to help you be prepared and confident as the big event comes closer. Here are 8 simple things to remember to keep your stress down and your kids healthy! These 8 steps are inexpensive and proven to give you the best shot at trouble-free goat rearing: Read More »
Goat Pregnancy Issues
The overall nutrition and health of your does is the single most important factor in having trouble free pregnancy and healthy kids. Make sure that you are providing high quality feed and maintaining a stress-free environment. Poor nutrition, cold weather, or overcrowding can all lead to abortion. For any of the following pregnancy issues, or any other issues, remember, an immune system boost can make the difference.  Read More »
Keep Bovi Sera on hand always!
Home Dairy Schedule
Every goat owner needs to develop a monthly plan and schedule for raising dairy goats based on what works best for them. I wanted to share what we have developed over the past 25 years at my Forget Me Not Farm. This monthly schedule is meant to be a guide to new goat owners and should be considered flexible to meet your own specific needs. Read More »
A Cheesemaker's Journey 
Hoegger Supply is super excited about Mary Jane Toth’s new recipe book, A Cheesemaker’s Journey: A practical guide to beginning and improving cheesemaking at home. We had the opportunity to sit down with Mary Jane and asked her to tell us why this isn’t just another recipe book. We know there’s still snow outside but that’s just another reason to cuddle-up in front of the fire and dream of the cheese we’ll be making later in the year. Read More »
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Nutri-Drench is a must have for the kidding season! From giving pregnant does an energy boost to bringing strength to weak, undernourished and stressed kids, Nutri-Drench provides essential vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, and glucose that are absorbed into the bloodstream within 10 minutes. We’ve relied on this for years and we want it to be in your medicine cabinet as well. Shop Now »
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