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Congratulations Abdulrahim A. Alshehri

On the Purchase of two pygmy goat wethers from Amber Waves
to be shipped to Saudi Arabia

Bowler Farms Kissey baby Kids - March 19, 2012

Amber Waves Before The Rain
Black Agouti Doe Kid  - Sire Proverbial Pygmies Pursuit
Sold - Pre-Deposit

Hammork Family Farm Snickerdoodle Kidds 3/27/12

Sire: Proverbial Pygmies Pursuit
Sold: pre-deposit to North Carolina
Amber Waves Being There (Pending) Caramel
Amber Waves Calle 54 (Pending) Agouti

Do Pygmy Goats Make Good Pets?

by: Imogen Reed

Despite originating from Cameroon, pygmy goats can be found and bought by dedicated suppliers elsewhere, including us here at Amber Waves. Unlike other pets that are considered ‘exotic’ you won’t have to book yourself onto Caribbean cruises or travel all the way to Africa to choose your new pet. However, there are many critics who would suggest that pygmy goats don’t make good pets and if you’re considering one as a pet we want to ensure you know exactly how great they can be as your new pet and friend.

Due to their small size and stature pygmy goats are generally bred as pets rather than for their milk or meat. This means they are purposefully bred and nurtured to become great pets and below is a closer look at some of the reasons why they’re so great.

Clean and Tidy
As pygmy goats are vegetarian on the whole, their droppings are not the stinky mess you usually expect from a pet. They don’t have the same awful odour as standard manure and are in small hard pellets making them easy to sweep or rake up. They’re even great for using at fertiliser. Secondly, pygmy goats prefer to stay clean, dry and where possible warm and therefore seek out clean and try places to rest and play. An unneutered male may have a strong unpleasant scent due to their hormonal activities but once castrated, the odour leaves and females never have a strong odour at all.

Safe and Sound
Pygmy goats are an extremely playful and energetic species but they’re not aggressive. They are equipped only with lower teeth, which means even if they did bite it wouldn’t be harmful like a dog or cat bite. In fact, there is no documented evidence of any serious injury ever being caused by a pygmy goat. What’s more, pygmy goats are not considered prime carriers for rabies or any other disease transferrable to humans and the only diseases they can contract are species specific or unique to that particular animal.

Silence is Golden
You very rarely find a noisy pygmy goat! They occasionally ‘baa’ or bleat when they first see someone but your pygmy won’t have your neighbours up at 3am howling at the moon like your dog might. When it comes to night time, pygmies prefer to curl up and relax.

Pygmy goats are considered territorial but due to their complete lack of aggression it’s not something to worry about. They love routine and once they learn their territory they’re very unlikely to attempt to escape. A backyard with a strong fence is more than adequate enough to keep pygmy happy.
Residential Zoning
Of course, the majority of residential areas have zoning restrictions on agricultural livestock but will allow the keeping of a pygmy goat if you can prove they are not being kept for agricultural purposes. This means you are not using the goat’s meat, milk production, commercially breeding your pygmy or using its wool. If you can say yes to all of these and prove it, then you’ll have no problem keeping your new pet in your residential area. It also makes sense to neuter your male goat as it removes the objectionable smell and also evidences the fact that you don’t use them for reproductive purposes.

Spacious Surroundings
A pygmy goat never tends to reach over 86lb in weight and 58cm in height so realistically they don’t need fields and fields of space. As mentioned, your well secured back yard should be more than enough space for your goat to live happily. Pygmy goats don’t tend to graze and so you won’t need to worry about your luscious green lawn being destroyed. In fact, pygmies are more likely to chew on weeds and unwanted flora than your favourite plants and can certainly save you money on weed killer.

Pygmy goats are lovable fun loving creatures who like nothing more than running around in the sunshine and then having a little sunbathe. As the above highlights, they’re relatively low maintenance but still a little bit different from your average pet and are a great option for families. With a little bit of effort and  time researching, you’ll soon see that pygmy goats make fantastic pets and there’s no need to listen to anyone who says otherwise. 

Congratulations to Caesar Natividad

On his recent purchase of Fir Meadows Yessica and Hindsquarters Farm Austin who will be shipping to the Philippines

Ketosis in Ewes and Does

 in Ewes and Does 

Steven M. Jones, Associate Professor
Jeremy Powell, DVM, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Several small ruminant producers and county agents on behalf of producers have contacted us with questions about ewes and does in late gestation suddenly becoming nonambulatory.

For More Information Click Here

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Not Go her goat

Picture Star Magazine - January 2, 2012
Tori Spelling with her goat purchased from Amber Waves

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Goat Feed Recalled for Labeling Error

Goat Feed Recalled for Labeling Error

Cargill Animal Nutrition is recalling 50 lb. bags of Nutrena NatureWise Goat Pellets distributed in 5 states because of an error in labeling.

The recalled bags of goat feed should have indicated that the feed included Decoquinate, a medicated article for the prevention of coccidiossis that is commonly included in ruminant feed, but which is not approved for lactating goats.

The goat pellets were manufactured at Cargill's Montgomery, AL facility on Dec. 31, 2011, Feb. 18, 2012, and Feb. 25, 2012 and distributed in five states -- Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and North Carolina.

The recall is for:

- NatureWise Goat Pellet 16, lot code 1MG1365, date code 1MG1DEC31
- NatureWise Goat Pellet 16, lot code 3MG2049, date code 3MG2FEB18
- NatureWise Goat Pellet 16, lot code 1MG2056, date code 1MG2FEB25

The recalled feed - in opened or unopened bags -- may be returned to the place of purchase for a full refund or replacement. For more information, including photos of products involved, go to or call toll free, 1-800-392-5757, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST.

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Hoegger Supply Newsletter - March 2012

Getting Ready For Kidding Season / How to Tell When A Doe Is About To Give Birth / Quick Goat Tips Challenge / Things To Consider Before Starting Your Herd
The Farmyard from Hoegger Supply


Normally the Hoegger Farmyard Newsletter will contain articles on a number of subjects but, lets face it, it's March and the kidding season is here! Therefore, with respect to cheesemaking, soap making, home dairy and everything else we could talk about, this issue is focused entirely on goats and their kids. Happy Kidding Season!

Getting Ready For Kidding Season 
Whether you are new to goats or an “old hat” at goat raising, every kidding season is a new adventure. Some kidding seasons go off without a hitch and some…well, we would rather forget. Being prepared for every situation is the key. I would much rather be over-prepared than not having the items needed when I need them. Read More »
Is your Doe ready?
If you don’t know exactly when a doe was bred, how can you tell when a doe is getting ready to kid? On our farm, we put our does in with a certain buck in August, but usually they are not ready until September or even October to breed.  I am not one to stand there and watch and wait for the moment to happen. Read More »
Quick Goat Tips
Quick Goat Tips are little common sense actions we can easily take to fix, avoid or change a problem with our goats. Usually reading a Quick Goat Tip will make you think, "Oh yeah, that makes sense". I believe that every goat owner has their own list. Below is mine, enjoy!  Read More »
Things to consider before... 
When people first think of getting goats, the first thought is usually, “how hard can a GOAT be?”. Many people (myself included) jump in with both feet without doing the proper research, or being lucky enough to find that special breeder that takes you under their wing and shows you the ropes.  Read More »
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Baby Kid

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Considering A Dairy Goat?

Considering A Dairy Goat?
Most people don't know a lot about dairy goats unless they were raised with them , so you may be concerned about ... Do I Know Enough To Start Raising Goats?


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