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Hoegger Supply Newsletter - March 2012

Getting Ready For Kidding Season / How to Tell When A Doe Is About To Give Birth / Quick Goat Tips Challenge / Things To Consider Before Starting Your Herd
The Farmyard from Hoegger Supply


Normally the Hoegger Farmyard Newsletter will contain articles on a number of subjects but, lets face it, it's March and the kidding season is here! Therefore, with respect to cheesemaking, soap making, home dairy and everything else we could talk about, this issue is focused entirely on goats and their kids. Happy Kidding Season!

Getting Ready For Kidding Season 
Whether you are new to goats or an “old hat” at goat raising, every kidding season is a new adventure. Some kidding seasons go off without a hitch and some…well, we would rather forget. Being prepared for every situation is the key. I would much rather be over-prepared than not having the items needed when I need them. Read More »
Is your Doe ready?
If you don’t know exactly when a doe was bred, how can you tell when a doe is getting ready to kid? On our farm, we put our does in with a certain buck in August, but usually they are not ready until September or even October to breed.  I am not one to stand there and watch and wait for the moment to happen. Read More »
Quick Goat Tips
Quick Goat Tips are little common sense actions we can easily take to fix, avoid or change a problem with our goats. Usually reading a Quick Goat Tip will make you think, "Oh yeah, that makes sense". I believe that every goat owner has their own list. Below is mine, enjoy!  Read More »
Things to consider before... 
When people first think of getting goats, the first thought is usually, “how hard can a GOAT be?”. Many people (myself included) jump in with both feet without doing the proper research, or being lucky enough to find that special breeder that takes you under their wing and shows you the ropes.  Read More »
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Baby Kid

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