Tuesday, June 5, 2012

On Sale in June:  
Wahl Clippers and Replacement Blades 10% Off

June's the time to replace those old clippers and stock up on replacement blades for Wahl, Oster, Clipmaster, and Andis clippers. We put all of our Wahl products on sale once a year, so be sure to order what you need for the 2012 show season by June 30th. You can click here to browse our selection of clippers and blades on sale. 

Lister Star and Wahl Arco Clippers

We've done a lot of research over the years and find that the Lister Star and Wahl Arco clippers are "must haves" when we're grooming our goats. Their quality and dependability are outstanding. The Lister is relatively quiet and lighter than most other comparable models. The Arco with its adjustable blade (from #9 - #40 at a touch of the slider) is powerful, cool-running, and versatile. It comes with two drop-in batteries so you'll never run out of clipping power. Both these clippers (and all our other Lister and Wahl clippers) are now on sale through the month of June.

Don't Know What To Do With All That Milk?

Making cheese needn't be difficult. In fact, we have a very simple recipe to make fresh cheese right on our web site (http://www.caprinesupply.com/making-cheese-and-yogurt). Give it a try. Everything you need to begin your cheesemaking adventure is available at Caprine Supply. We stock 5 different kits, plus the most popular starter and direct set cultures, all the equipment and supplies you need to make tasty cheese. Give it a try and you'll never have to throw away milk again.

Get Your Bucks (and Does)
Ready for Breeding Season

It's not too early to get your breeding stock ready for breeding season. Be sure to check out our selection of minerals including Buck Power! for your boys and our Capri-Min #1 and Capri-Min #2 for everyone else. Click here to check out these products: For minerals, click on http://www.caprinesupply.com/products/health/nutritional-supplements.html  For anti-stress products, go to http://www.caprinesupply.com/products/health/anti-stress-products.html  

What Our Customers are
Buying This Spring

  • Our Basic Milking Kits. We have three different kits: The 1-2 Goat Kit that includes a stainless mini-strainer, a pack of filters for that strainer, our five qt. milk pail, one Fight Bac teat spray, and an aluminum strip cup; or the 3 or More Goat Kit that has the larger 4 qt. stainless strainer and milk filters to fit plus an 8 qt. milk pail, Fight Bac, and the strip cup. Our Nigerian Kit substitutes a 2 qt. milk pail in the 1-2 Goat Kit. Buying these kits saves you 15% over buying the products individually. 
  • Anything cheese-related. We sell everything you need to make delicious, healthful cheese.
  • Our Caprine Supply exclusive milk bottles, glasses and bottle carriers. These half gallon milk bottles have been a huge success. You can buy them individually (with a discount for three or more), as a set with glasses, as a set with four bottles and a carrier. You've asked for a one-quart bottle, and we will soon have these in stock along with a handy carrier, so be sure to check back later this month.
  • Fly Predator Insect Control. These stingless wasps come ready to work, helping to prevent flies from being a nuisance. Release them in spots of heavy fly infestation and you should notice a difference. You can order them in quantities of 5,000-25,000 and specify the months you want to receive them. For more information, go to http://www.caprinesupply.com/products/goat-management/fly-control-insecticides.html

Customer Rewards Program

Remember that everything you buy at Caprine Supply earns you a 3% credit in our Customer Rewards Program. You can use this credit on a Caprine Supply order $25 or more*. Remember that our Customer Rewards Program expires December 31, 2012, and all credits must be used not later than June 30, 2013.
*Credits are not earned on tax or shipping, nor on purchases made at the ADGA National Show or Convention.

Smart Shipping

We know there are times when you just need a couple of items such as Caprine nipples or tattoo digits or cheese cultures, but the standard shipping fee for your order may be more expensive than the product itself. Well, here's what we do. When we receive this kind of order, we try to find a more economical way to ship it. We can often use padded envelopes and Priority Mail flat rate boxes, and we weigh each order. If the actual shipping cost is less than our standard shipping fee, that's what we will charge you. Your invoice that is packed with your order will reflect that we have charged you the lower shipping fee. Just another way we're trying to give you the best service possible.

New Product Highlight

Our new 10 gallon traditional style milk cans come in two lid styles: mushroom lid and a lid secured by two heavy-duty toggle clamps welded to the sides of the can. Both have a silicone gasket on the lid to prevent leaks. Cans are made of 304 stainless and are polished inside and out. Made to last a lifetime, they are the same fine quality as our 3 gallon milking machine buckets and our 5 gallon milk totes. Reasonably priced at $189 plus shipping, click here to order:  http://www.caprinesupply.com/new-products/ten-gallon-stainless-milk-cans.html


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