Thursday, August 9, 2012

Available For Purchase Brown Agouti Brooddoe Ultra-Sounded Pregnant to Brown Agouti Buck


Pygmy Goats For Sale - Updated 8/9/12

Little Eden's Ghirardelli
Brown Agouti Doe - Reg # 59303F
DOB: 3/26/06
Ultra-Sounded Pregnant 6/26/12 - At 40 days 
Bred to Hindsquarters Farm Austin (Brown Agouti) Exported to the Phillipines
Sire: Bowler Farms Rollin (Brown Agouti)
Dam: Picaroon's Stephanie (Brown Agouti)

Some of her Offspring

Amber Waves American Pie - Doe Brown Agouti
Homegrown Raspberry Truffle - Doe Brown Agouti
Amber Waves Adam - Brown Agouti Wether
Amber Waves Carrie - Brown Agouti Doe
Amber Waves Hidden Love - Brown Agouti Doe
Amber Waves The Adjuster - Brown Agouti Doe
Amber Waves Darling - Doe Brown Agouti


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