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Accurate diagnosis of pregnancy 
Sep 24 (3 days ago)
to nobleshire
Accurate diagnosis of pregnancy is important to maintain better reproductive management of Goat.
Description:, at PetstwilCanada, are proud to announce that we have the tool that can accurately detect pregnancy status of doe.
This is a fully portable and cost effective ultrasonic instrument that can significantly increase the breeding efficiency.
It identifies with the maximum accuracy whether an animal is pregnant or not.
The detector determines pregnancy by locating amniotic fluid in the uterus.
The testing procedure can easily be implemented by simply pressing the ultrasonic probe against the animal's skin. When pregnancy is detected, the instrument signals this not only with a rapidly flashing indicator, but also with a high-frequency acoustic signal. Only one button is used for operation.
Warranty: Two years from the date of purchase.
For more information on this unique easy to use product and price, please visit our website at You can also email us at or contact us on phone at  +1.416.855.2045.
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