Saturday, October 6, 2012

2013 "Equipment That Works!" catalog

2013 Equipment That Works catalog

Look for this annual catalog in your mailbox starting the third week of October.

Your friends at Premier
Start watching your mailboxes for Premier's 2013 "Equipment That Works!" catalog. This year, in addition to our popular products that have pleased both Premier and our customers for years, we're offering the following new products:

Now available:
Heavy Duty Whisk
Auto Syringe/Drencher (12.5 ml)
EzePak Belt & Holster
Backpack for Drenchers
Manual Drencher (60 ml)
Pickup Haulers
Sheep Bell
Square Bucket (2 gal)
Snap Clip (stainless steel)

Coming soon:
Q-flex Ear Tags
KiwiCrook (double-end crook)
Bottle Rack
Sheep Collars (for Sheep Bell)
Guard Dog Puppy Collar
Guard Dog Collar (X-Large)
Large Lamb Sling

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