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Training Goats to Electrified Netting

Training Goats
to Electrified Netting
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For goats, electrified netting is only a pain barrier, not a physical barrier. Netting must be properly electrified for it to properly function. A 3000v pulse is the minimum voltage for containing goats. A determined goat can and will get through netting, though not without receiving several shocks.

Goats must be trained to electrified netting before field use. To do this, set up the netting within a corral or other small fenced-in area that will prevent the goats from getting out in case they jump through the net when they're first shocked. For the first several hours, watch the goats interact with the net to make sure no entanglements occur. Goats are curious animals, and soon each goat will test the fence or watch its flock mates test the fence.

Once the animals are trained, electrified netting can be effectively used in the field. Check the fence 2 to 3 times a day during initial use and at least daily once the flock has settled in.

By Sara McArtor, Premier sales consultant

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