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5 easy steps to raising healthy kids

5 easy steps to raising healthy kids

Prevent newborn “navel ill” by cutting
the umbilical cord about 6 inches from the body, dipping it completely in Triodine-7 [19G] and clamping off with navel cord clamps [2L-5].
This will protect your kids from passive immune failure, the leading cause of weakness, disease and death in newborns. A number of common conditions such as pneumonia, scours, and even sudden death result when there is little or no immune build up.
Always, always administer a10cc Sub-Q injection of Goat Serum [3K] or 5cc of Bovi Sera[3K-1 & 3K-2] to provide the essential antibodies the babies must have to build a strong immune system.
Nature’s way of transferring immune factures from mother to baby and generally occurs the first two days after birth. Colostrum is a food providing growth factors that help build bone, lean muscle mass, nerve tissue, skin, cartilage, and rumen.
Kid goats are born with no immune system so it is critical for survival as well as proper growth, parasite resistance and general overall health. The antibodies found in colostrum are the building blocks of the immune system your goat will have for a lifetime. Use the mother’s colostrum or colostrum replacer along with a dose of Bovi Sera or Goat Serum and you are set to go.
Milk or kid milk replacer [3E] should be their primary source of nutrition for the first three months.  We feed all they care to eat, three times a day for the first couple of weeks and after that twice a day until they are ready for weaning. Each kid needs a minimum of 10% of its body weight per day in milk or replacer.
Coccidia is a parasitic protozoa that invades the body, damaging the intestinal wall, causing watery bloody scours, dehydration, weight loss, and stalled growth. Prevention is key: Starting at 3 weeks old,  FEED 1.5 cc DiMethox 12.5% [17D-2] ORALLY twice a day for one week, then once a week until weaned.

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Why should I care about ketosis?

KETOSIS [Pregnancy Toxemia]
Occurs within the last few weeks of pregnancy. 
Common symptoms include loss of appetite, spastic motion, twitching ears and inability to stand. Labored breathing, coma and death can result. Provide a sufficient, balanced diet with no sudden or drastic changes, high quality hay and at least a half pound of grain daily and at regular hours. Exercise is also essential to build strong bodies and good appetites. At the onset of any symptoms the Keto-Nia Drench or several pumps of Nutri-Drench daily can reverse the condition.
Supplies for prevention and treatment: 
                Nutri-Drench                                                       Keto-Nia Drench


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