Monday, April 22, 2013



Now that I have your attention I am a good looking male goat, about 1yr old and I’m looking for a good home. Don’t get me wrong, I love the place I’m at now, but my owners are not zoned to have me and they are concerned that I might get taken away and placed somewhere not so great.

They are very sad to see me go, but really want me to have a great new family. I am a great pet! I’ve been told and I am quite tame and quiet for a goat and I play along very well with other animals and even little human kids (get the joke, cuz I’m a kid too! Get it! Lol!)

Anyhow, if you are interested in having me move in with you, please give my owner a call. Her name is Joy and she is wonderful! Hope to meet you soon!


Already taken - Thank you

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pygmy Goat Spring Health Maintenance

Pygmy Goat Spring Health Maintenance
by: Amber Waves

Anyone who cares for an animal will naturally want the best for that creature, be it a house pet or a farmyard companion.  Pygmy goats are charming little friends who have become more and more popular in recent years.  They are fun, intelligent animals who enjoy a nice long lifespan and bring happy memories to anyone who owns them.  That's why Pygmy Goat Spring Health Maintenance is so important.  Read on to learn about what your small friend needs during this time of the year.

One important consideration for your pygmy goat, is how well did she come through the winter?  A thick winter coat can hide a multiple of issues that will require careful attention.  Even before your pygmy goat sheds out her winter fur, you should carefully work your hands through her coat and make sure she is carrying a good weight, and does not have any sores hidden under there.  This is also an excellent time to part the fur and make sure her skin is in good condition.  You don't want to see any redness, flaking skin, or external parasites---but you won't see them if you aren't even bothering to look!

Now that you know your little friend is looking pretty good, it's time to do a few more Pygmy Goat Spring Health Maintenance items.  You should check her hooves to make sure that they are not cracked or torn.  The change of seasons can be hard on hooves, with the ground texture going from hard to soft, and the spring rains turning everything to mud.  Foot rot is one common problem as the warm, wet weather appears and once that happens, your pygmy goat will be miserable.  This is a good time of year to make sure your goat's feet are in the best shape, and arrange for the farrier to come by if you find anything amiss.

Another important consideration of Pygmy Goat Spring Health Maintenance is that of internal parasites.  No matter how cold it got outdoors last winter, it was warm and toasty where internal parasites live.  Now is the time of year to talk with your vet about the correct parasite treatment for your pygmy goat.  There are medications which can be fed with her grain, pastes that can be injected into her mouth, and even some medications that can be poured along her spine.

If you are going to show your pygmy goat at the county fair, use her for youth rodeo appearances, or breed her at any point later in the year, you will want to make sure she is getting the optimum nutrition so she can keep up with your plans.  Most pygmy goats are fed dry rations of grain and hay during the winter months, but spring offers tempting greens and foliage for the pygmy palate.  This is a great time of year to talk to your vet about nutritional requirements, so you can be sure to anticipate what your goat will need.  Another good resource is your local feed mill, although 4-H and FFA clubs often have very knowledgeable people too.

While you are taking care of your Pygmy Goat Spring Health Maintenance, you also need to make sure your fences are in good order.  Your goat may have been happy enough to stay indoors when the snow was flying, but she will get "spring fever" just like you will....and she will want to start wandering.  Make sure her feed pans, water trough, and salt lick are in good shape too.  While Pygmy Goat Spring Health Maintenance may seem like an endless list of tasks, it really takes just a short time to ensure that your goat is happy and healthy, and stays that way for years to come.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

From Ellen Stoddard in Louisiana

Lizzy showing brown gray by herself won class and grand Leesville Expo $30 per entry won super buckle. Dances with stranger has been trained to set up for Liz. Raises' hell with anyone else. Grand pygmy buck and doe won 2 $300 buckles Ellen and Liz

Amber Waves Dances With Strangers
Rare - Grey/Brown Color


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