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Phillips auto drench gun
In the photo above we are using our Phillips™ auto drench gun. Comes complete with a backpack design, which is greatly appreciated after just one use.
Drenching for internal parasites

At Premier we deworm by drenching instead of injecting because it is:
• Safer. Less risk if an animal receives too much drench. (Some injectable dewormers, if overdosed, will send animals into shock.)
• More effective. Experts suggest that it kills a higher % of the parasites.
• Assures a better pelt and carcass. Vaccinations can damage both.
• Safer for the operator. No risk of sticking a needle into your hand.

"White" dewormers we suggest using are Safe-Guard® andValbazen®. Both dewormers are approved for treating goats. When drenching, we prefer to use the Phillips™ Auto Drench Gun . Our herds are large and this makes a tedious task much easier. For small herds, theSmall Flock Drencher and theAuto Syringe/Drenchers are effective. Always make sure to thoroughly clean the drencher after each use.

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