Friday, June 21, 2013

Two Free Wethers To a good home - Divorce and Move is the reason

Both are dehorned wethers. Oliver is the black one. He was born on 7/8/2008 and your name for him was "Near Dark". Dam: In the Land of Women. Sire: Fir Meadow X Games. Marley is the agouti. He was born on 9/22/2008 and your name for him was Blades of Glory. Dam: Renaissance. Sire: Desert Willow The Majestic.

 Marley is a sweet and loving fellow who begs for scratches on his head and will follow you anywhere. Oliver was raised as a bottle baby and enjoys eating more than the typical goat. He is an independent fellow who would do best with another dominant who can hold his own at feeding time. 
They are accustomed to being let out around the ranch to graze and play king of the mountain on slopes and hillsides. When it's time to come in, just shake the grain scoop and they'll come running! 



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