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4S Goat Expo in North Platte on Oct. 5-6

4S Goat Expo features nationally known speakersTell North Platte what you think
The 4S Goat Expo in North Platte on Oct. 5-6 features nationally and internationally known speakers for the seminar portion of the expo.

Homeyer will also conduct a youth judging contest and speak about feeding and raising meat goats.
Dr. Fred Homeyer, a retired college professor, will talk about his research on increasing carcass yields in meat goat kids through sire selection.
Homeyer has raised more than 20,000 goats on his Texas ranch and now has 400 registered South African Boer Goats. He has judged more than 120 shows in 31 states, 3 Canadian provinces and 15 other countries. He will judge the show portion of the expo on Sunday, Oct. 6.
Dr. Frank Pinkerton, retired extension goat specialist, will speak about the current U.S. Meat Goat Situation Report. He is from Texas and speaks across the nation about meat goats as well as writing a column for the Goat Rancher magazine. He is known nationally as “The Goat Man.”
Dr. Jeffery Gillespie, professor in the Ag. Economics and Agribusiness department at LSU, will be giving the results of the National Meat Goat Producer Survey. Gillespie teaches and conducts research on costs of farm production, adaptation of technology and farm efficiency. He is published in peer reviewed journals and the popular press.
Dr. R. Wes Harrison, LSU Marketing Economist, will discuss the preferences for goat meat. He has expertise in analyzing trends in food consumption and has been said to be able to combine number crunching with keen insight into consumer psychology and buying trends.
Dr. Ken McMillan, another LSU professor, will speak about his part in a USDA project and the results obtained on live animal and carcass measurements of meat goats. McMillan conducts research and teaches in the areas of animal and meat science. He is also a contributor to the Goat Rancher magazine.
Lincoln-Logan-McPherson County extension specialist Randy Saner will round out the day with a presentation on poisonous plants for goats.
For more information contact Saner at: or 1-800-200-1381, or visit and the website:

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