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2013 Conference - Register Now

The Livestock Conservancy
2013 Conference - Register Now!
Hi Debbie and Jim!
The Livestock Conservancy is excited to announce the much anticipated schedule for this year’s National Conference in Cary, North Carolina, November 8-9, 2013. This year’s lineup of workshops and clinics includes something for everyone. Come learn from leaders and pioneers in rare breed conservation about integrating heritage livestock into a sustainable cycle of agriculture that includes seeds as well as breeds. Join members, partners, and friends as they share their insight on how to turn your rare breed passion into profit by identifying niche markets and targeting specific consumers, and how to add value to your business by including stories, history, and culture. If you attend one event this year, make it the National Conference!

Clinics and workshops include:

  • Low-Input Limbo - How Low Can You Go?
    Pasture and forage management for the current economy
  • Starting and Growing Agritourism
    to Diversify Income and Educate and Expand your Customer Base
  • Saving Seeds from Fall Produce
  • Management Strategies for Sustainable Pastured Pork Production
  • Breed Registries and Associations
  • Wool from Rare Breed Sheep: Added Value for Your Farm
  • From Hobby to Vocation - How to Bring Your Passion to Market
  • The New Agricultural Consumer
  • Growing Heirloom Corn for Your Livestock
  • Using the Gate to Plate Story to Add Value
  • Raising Meat Sheep for Fun & Profit
  • Heirloom Gardening for Heritage Livestock
  • Steeped in Heritage
    Applying the lessons of other cultures to an integrated, sustainable farm
  • The Fascination of Poitou Donkeys
  • What's it all about?
    How The Livestock Conservancy saves Rare Breeds
  • Food Waste to Animal Feed
  • Linking Heritage livestock, Heirloom Vegetables, and Aquaponics for a Sustainable Future
  • Engineering a Comeback for Randall Cattle
  • Conserving the Shire Horse in America
  • Opportunities and Challenges in Local and Niche Meats
  • Rare breeds on a Living History Farm

Full Conference Member Early Bird rate: $195 (Discount code: MEMCON1)
Clinics priced separately please visit the Conference Section on our website.

Also don't forget to:
- Donate an item to our silent auction!
- Feature your heritage breed meat for the rare breed dinners!
- Sign up for exhibitor space to showcase your business!
- Create and bring a poster!

- Sponsor the Conference!

To see the full conference schedule and details, lodging and travel information, sponsorship opportunities, and to register online, visit the website.

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