Saturday, October 12, 2013

2014 Premier's new Equipment Booklet Get Yours Today!


2014 Equipment Booklet

2004 Equipment Booklet
Look for Premier's new "Equipment Booklet" in your mailbox in October.

It includes, along with our standard products, the following new items:
Goat Bells: Wide choice of attractive designs that differ in tone, cost and size.
Barn Bells: High-quality brass cast bells with ornamental black metal hardware. Make your house or barn distinctive.
Qwik Tags and Applicator:Small, low-cost, temporary one-piece nylon tag for lambs and goat kids.
EZ CatchNet: Nifty way to catch kids and lambs that are too small to be caught with a crook. Also works great for catching chickens and geese.
Cradle: An easy-to-use-and-wash kid and lamb carrier. Plastic ridges securely grip slick newborns.
Tooth File: Some nannies reject newborn kids that have sharp teeth. A quick touch with a file means fewer orphans.
Large Braided Halters and Neck Ropes: For use on older animals. Same quality materials and construction as our other braided products.

Note: New catalog items will be added to our website as they're available. When available, these will be added to our new products tab.


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