Thursday, October 17, 2013

Compare Buying a Pygmy Doe vs Wether

Should you buy pygmy goats or wether? First, it might be helpful to make sure you understand what these two terms mean. A "wether" refers to either a castrated male goat or a sheep. For this discussion, wether will refer to a male goat. A pygmy doe refers to a small type of female goat. Basically, this is a decision between buying a male or female pygmy goat.

Pygmy Goats Require A Commitment

In either case, be prepared to take care of your animals. Goats need room to roam around, they need shelter, and they require the right type of food. They might also require the care of a professional vet from time to time. Goats like to run, play, and eat all sorts of things. You must have a big and secure area to keep them in. You need to protect your goat, and you need to protect other things from your goats.

Also be aware that you are making a long-term commitment. These animals can live from ten to twenty years. If you are purchasing a pygmy doe or wether as a pet, consider the purchase of these animals the same way that you might consider the purchase of a dog or cat. It is a long-term commitment.

They are also intelligent and fun animals. This is why people often purchase pygmy goats as pets. Some people also use them for milk production or to pull small carts. Your choice might depend upon why you plan to purchase a pygmy goat. You should know that males and females both have horns.

Pygmy Does Vs. Wether

If you are trying to figure out if you should purchase a female or male, you have a few things to consider. The best choice will depend upon who you plan to have around you goat and what you intend to use your goat for. Consider the reasons why you want to buy any sort of pygmy goat in the first place!

-- Pygmy does can produce milk and have baby goats. Obviously, a wether cannot do either of these two things. They are males, and they are castrated. If you want to breed goats, you might chose a doe. If you do not want to breed, a wether might be a better choice.

If you do want your doe to produce milk, she will also need to breed first. That will require, in one form or another, the services of a male pygmy goat. You might be able to get your doe inseminated or simply borrow the services of a male goat from another goat owner.

-- Males are slightly bigger and stronger than does. This can be an advantage and a disadvantage. If you would like to use your goat as a working animal, a wether can pull a heavier cart than a female can. On the other hand, a male goat can also be harder to handle because he is stronger and might be more stubborn.

This means that a pygmy doe might be a better choice is you plan to have your goat around young children. A male might be a better choice is you plan to have him attached to a cart that could pull a young child.

Should You Get More Than One Goat?

If you really want to keep your goat happy, he or she might be paired with another goat of the same gender. If you do not want to own two goats, you might be able to pair it with another animal of about the same size. You might even be surprised that your friendly dog makes a good companion for your pygmy goat. Just do not keep other types of animals in the same pen as your goat.

Before you purchase either a male or female pygmy goat, make sure you have figured out why you want to get a goat in the first place. Then be sure you have adequate resources to care for them properly. Goats can be great pets and very useful animals. They may even be the oldest type of domesticated animal that is used for meat, milk, and work. Only dogs, of all animals, may have been with people longer.


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