Saturday, November 2, 2013

Goats-Inquisitive Creatures

Goats behind electrical fence
Goats are known far and wide for their ability to "test" fences. For us, we found our best option (short of a 10 ft brick wall) to be a well electrified roll of netting (PermaNet™ 10/48/6 shown).

Goats—Inquisitive Creatures
Folks who raise (or have raised) goats know that they are deceptively intelligent creatures. They have an enhanced ability to know when a fence is tired/worn or that the person milking them has absolutely no idea what they're doing. The goats use this knowledge to make themselves nuisances at the most inopportune moments. 

How So?
They breach fences when the roses in the garden are in full bloom or the in-laws are visiting.
They kick over the milk bucket for while novices try to milk them.

To avoid such occurrences, read the articles below and brush up on how to milk a goat and use goats for browsing. Give the goats a job (and treat them well) and possibly they'll act more as eccentric pets rather than pests. 


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