Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hoegger Supply November Newsletter

November Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Our office will be closed on Thursday, but will reopen bright and early Friday morning. Enjoy a sneak peak at our lower shipping rates for 2014. Also, order a 2014 Hoegger Goat Calendar and receive a $10.00 gift certificate good through January 15, 2014. Remember you can always shop online anytime. Have a happy and blessed holiday.  

Chickens & Poultry

Are pasture weeds healthy as a mineral source for my goats?

There have been several blog articles published recently at Hoegger Farmyard that deal with the problem of copper (Cu) deficiencies in goats. As mentioned, this deficiency can be either primary, or secondary. The former is due to low Cu content of forage whereas the latter reflects... Read More »

Fiber Goats

Your LGD and storms

Many of us have Livestock Guardian dogs. They are like most any other dog. They have senses they use for hearing, smelling, and feeling. These same senses alert them to danger or fearful things. Many dogs including Livestock Guardian Dogs ‘LGD’s’ can be fearful of thunderstorms and lightening. Read More »

Chickens & Poultry

Tools of the trade

There are so many things as farmers that we don’t know we’ll need. Never dream we’ll need and all of a sudden… we have sparked an interest. A light in us has kindled for something and we then go on a journey to achieve that thing. Read More »

Fiber Goats

How to tell the body condition and weight of your dairy goat

Body condition and weight are important measurements for assessing the health of your goats. Knowing your goat’s approximate weight is necessary for proper dosing of medications and supplements. Body condition is a good way to tell if you are on the right track... Read More »


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