Saturday, November 2, 2013

New! 2014 Premier1 supplies Equipment Book


New! 2014 Equipment BookletNew! 2014 Equipment Booklet 

It includes, along with our standard products, the following new items:
Goat Bells: Wide choice of attractive designs that differ in tone, cost and size.
Barn Bells: High-quality brass cast bells with ornamental black metal hardware. Make your house or barn distinctive.
Qwik Tags and Applicator :Small, low-cost, temporary one-piece nylon tag for goat kids and lambs.
EZ CatchNet: Nifty way to catch kids and lambs that are too small to be caught with a crook. Also works for catching chickens and geese.
Cradle: An easy-to-use-and-wash kid and lamb carrier. Plastic ridges securely grip slick newborns.
Tooth File: Some does reject newborn kids that have sharp teeth. A quick touch with a file means fewer orphans.
Large Braided Halters andNeck Ropes: For use on older animals. Same quality materials and construction as our other braided products.

Didn't receive Premier's new 2014 "Equipment Booklet" in your mailbox?
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