Friday, January 24, 2014

Cold-Weather Goat Care

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LARD Cookbook
 Cold-Weather Goat Care
Winter is a tough time for people and livestock alike. Ensure your goats are ready for subfreezing temperatures with this helpful checklist. Keeping a close eye on your chickens during cold weather can lead to some interesting discoveries. Frozen water in your livestock pens is a pain, and it pays to have a backup plan when water troughs freeze. Fido might not be the smartest animal around the farm after all; find out how intelligent your animals really are. And, when life gives you snow, make Snow Ice Cream. One element of self-sufficiency is being able to sew your own clothes, sheets, and so forth. Read how one blogger’s mother did all of this without an electric sewing machine. Lyme disease can be hard to detect, but a little research helped Julie look further into her symptoms. Harness the nutritional benefits of lacto-fermentation while preserving your garden’s bounty. And finally, this basic pizza dough recipe allows for ample culinary creativity for your next pizza night.
Winter Chicken Coop Observations
Dealing With Frozen Water Troughs
How Smart Are Your Animals?
Snow Ice Cream
 Old-Fashioned Sewing Machine
Sewing your own clothes can be an economical choice when it comes to your wardrobe.
 Telehealth and Rural Living
The symptoms of Lyme disease can be difficult to point out. Read what helped Julie discover her diagnosis. 
 Lacto-Fermented Vegetables
Want to fill your pantry – not just your freezer – with garden goodies? Learn how to ferment vegetables.
 Pizza Dough Recipe
Pizza night reaches new heights when it’s homemade. Try this recipe for Basic Pizza Dough. 
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Green Chicken Coop
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