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Essential Kid Care and more

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January Newsletter

Greetings from Hoegger Supply! We have so enjoyed seeing all the pictures onFacebook of your snow babies being born this year. It has been a crazy weather winter for everyone this year it seems. For Georgia, one flake of snow has everyone excited and a little insane. Three inches of snow and ice and the state shuts down. All the bread and milk has been sold out, cars have been abandoned where they are stuck, and kids are whooping it up because school is closed. Keep warm by the fire and cozy up to the computer and enjoy our January newsletter. Always informative and instructional, thanks to Katy Light, our newsletter correspondent.

Home Dairy

Pine Stump Farm

Huge welcome this month to Carey, who will document her family’s journey along the way to becoming a Grade A dairy. Look for her story in future newsletters! Read More »

Chickens & Poultry

How to Easily Diagnose and Treat Fowl Pox

Flock owners, both new and veteran, will likely at some time in their fowl-keeping experience walk out to their coops and find birds that seem to suddenly have developed sores all over their combs, wattles, face, and legs and who may obviously seem generally sick with no explanation.   This moment is never a welcome one... Read More »

Goat Health

Essential Kid Care

I don’t know about you, but here the girls are getting fat and itty bitty udders are appearing from under all the fuzz. Looking forward to spring babies, so learn all about kid care here. 
Read More »

Fiber Goats

The fabulous fun that is fiber festivals!

One aspect of fiber is the product. What to do with the product? I’ve given you examples, but let’s look into festivals and trade shows. Read More »
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