Monday, March 24, 2014

March Madness Newsletter - Part 1 Hoegger Supply

Keeping Goats Warm  |  Goat Shows  |  LGDs  |  Ricotta Salata
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March Madness Newsletter - Part 1

Kidding is upon us. Hopefully the bad weather is almost over. We have never seen a winter quite like this one, but spring is in the air. Take a minute to read all the valuable tips in March Madness Newsletter - Part 1. Don't forget Bovi Sera for your babies. It is the immune system boost that kids need to start off right.

Goat Health

Tips for keeping goats warm in winter

Probably by the time you read this, the ‘Artic Vortex’ will have disappeared and there will be a major heat wave across North America. Regardless, this information should be relevant for anyone raising goats where temperatures tend to dip below freezing. Read More »

The Show Goat

All about goat shows

The first goat show we ever attended we found very confusing. The only person with a microphone didn’t use it much, and when he did, what we heard didn’t make much sense. I imagine this is what shows are like for most folks who come to agricultural fairs. It is the fair that’s the draw, not the goat show. Breeder shows, as we discovered, are where those in the know go to show. Read More »

Guard Animals & Predator Control

LGDs: To sleep or not to sleep

When you see just about any LGD in a field with its charges, the one thing you will notice right away is that it looks like they are sleeping. Or at least not appearing that alert for danger. However, these dogs have a high sense of smell and hearing, and Anatolians are extremely fast on their feet too. Read More »

Cheese Making

How to make ricotta salata - a simple pressed cheese

This month we’ll cover a simple semi-firm pressed cheese – ricotta salata. This is a great recipe for your first adventures in pressed cheese, since the ricotta is so simple to make and the final product can be made using very basic equipment. You don’t need a cheese press... Read More »


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