Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hoegger Supply April Newsletter Part 2

Mama Sheri | Affinage | Cold Antler Farm | Goat Show Prep

April Newsletter - Part 2

We have fresh shipments of minerals and herbal wormer in stock right now!  Also, this is a good time to try the herbal toner if you have never used it before.  It is the perfect supplement for sleek coats and good skin.

Fiber Goats

Mama Sheri on Shear Madness

As you all know, I raise Angora goats. Beautiful beings whom we shear the fleece from and make into warm clothing and even cool clothing. The majority of the small farms in America that raise either sheep or goats are run by women. Run, worked, loved, slaved over, cried over... Read More »

Cheese Making

Affinage Part I: Active Factors

While the process of making cheese has a number of tricky spots, the real challenge is in the aging or affinage. Proper aging is key to producing good cheese! Without it, you’re lovingly crafted cheese will turn into a moldy brick. For this discussion, we will break ageing into two topics, active and passive managementRead More »

Funny Farm

Cold Antler Farm – The Introduction

Some of you may be familiar with me and the animals that make up Cold Antler Farm, but some of you may not.  New readers find their way here and are thrown right into my story. Depending on when you met me – that story could be about chickens, new sheep, dogs, cart horses, or even hawks.  Read More »

Home Dairy

Preparing for a Goat Show

I’d been making cheeses for several years in my home kitchen when I decided to go to some actual cheese making classes.  Our local land grant college, Washington State University (WSU) offered a cheese making class taught by the venerable Marc Bates. I signed up for that in March of 2004.  Read More »


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