Sunday, September 27, 2015

Vitamin B complex: whats the biog deal?

Vitamin B complex: what's the
big deal?

Do you keep B complex in
your veterinary kit?

If not, you should. B complex is vital for helping any ailing animal get back on its feet. It aids in rehydration when used with subcutaneous fluids, it stimulates appetite, and the fortified formulation contains vital, potentially life-saving levels of thiamine.

Being water soluable, the margin of error is wide, and excess amounts are excreted through urine. It can be given orally, subcutanously, or into the muscle.
From the Hoegger Farmyard

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Five Stars (9/17/15) - The Very Best

Five Stars (9/17/15) -  The Very Best
We have worked with Debbie & Jim for many years and have seen the quality and professionalism that they bring to their business. Their animals are strong, healthy and always given the very best care. Their clients are worldwide and it has been our pleasure to work side by side with them to ensure that these wonderful animals arrive safely to their new homes. We strongly recommend Amber Waves to anyone seeking beautiful goats and Bearded Silkies for their homes.
Customer since May 2015

5 Stars - Review 9/22/15

5 stars - 9/22/15
Nigerian kids
I have purchased 3 Nigerian kids from Amber Waves. All were females. My dealings were with Debbie and ultimately Global airlines since I live in Pa. I could not have asked for a better place to buy them. Debbie answered any questions I had and in a timely manner. She even sold me the goat she wanted wanted to keep for herself. Goats were healthy upon arrival and are Sooo sweet. Thank You Debbie!
Customer since September 2015

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Super show quality African Pygmy BOTTLE BABY WETHER (fixed male) for sale. He is in your face loving follow you everywhere. Originally sold for $700 buyers found out they have allergies. So he is for sale again don't miss this guy $400 - Ready to ship or be picked up at Amber Waves Lifetime support, Clean Herd, Credit Cards OK!  E-mail:

We Discovered that our babies liek to climb trees!

Hi Debbie,

We've discovered that our babies like to climb trees!

As you'll see, the attached photos show Sassy up in a tree. The point at which she's at, is 15 feet above the ground!!!

We discovered her doing this Wednesday evening, when we were putting them to bed. Thursday morning Heart's Desire and Tuff Justice both followed her up there too!!!

Carolyn F


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