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Pygmy Goats For Sale - Updated April 18, 2014

Pygmy Goats For Sale - Largest selection available anywhere in the United States!Sales Agent for many different breeders.  SHIP WORLDWIDE

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Q: How long have you been breeding Pygmy Goats?
A: We are celebrating our 31th year in 2013.

Q: Are your goats Registered?
Yes, all come with registration papers for the National Pygmy Goat Association and some come with dual register in the American Goat Society.

Grey/Brown Color:  Please note that the grey/brown colored goats are in limbo right now while it is decided if they will be registered.  Note this color has been registered since the beginning of the National Pygmy Goat Registry.  Because of a group of people who have control of the registry at this time they are denying registration on this color.  To read more please visit this link

Q: Are your goats guaranteed?
NOT GUARANTEED: I cannot guarantee how large an animal will grow to be. I cannot guarantee how much milk a goat will produce. I cannot guarantee that a goat will not grow scurs (small horn growths). I cannot guarantee the future health of the goat. I cannot guarantee the goat will be of show quality. Some of these things depend on how you care for your animals. If height and show quality are a huge concern to you, than you might want to consider buying an adult goat so you will already know what they will look like.

Q: What type of support to you offer after purchase?
A: We offer life-time support we are always available by phone or e-mail in most cases. We also
have automatic e-mail reminders when your goat is due for wormings and

Q: What comes with a baby goat when purchased?
A: Your baby goat left till weaning will be dehorned, castrated (If applicable), be registered and you will receive the registration papers, have its first shots.

Q: What plants are poisonous and edible plants for goats?
A: Check these links Edible and Poisonous Plants for Goats , Tall Fescue Plant Toxicity, Poisonous Western False Hellebore Plant Information

Q: What are your average prices for your goats?
A: Regular colors include: Black, Caramel and Agouti Does and Bucks $600.00 and Wethers $375.00 - Rare Colors: Silver Agouti, Brown Agouti, Grey/Brown does and Bucks $850.00 and Wethers $475.00

Q: Do you Ship Nation-Wide?
A: Yes

Q: If I want a pet should I get a doe (female), Wether (castrated male) or buck (breeding
A: If you want a pet then get a doe or wether. Wethers and does make great pets. They are friendly, good with children and have no odor like a buck.

Q: Can I get just one goat?
A: Goats are herd animals and would be or could be extremely lonely and LOUD by themselves. You will need to get at least two goats (or more if you want), but the good thing is that two goats are pretty much just as easy to care for as one.

Q: What if I need a vet where can I find one?
 Amber Waves keeps a list of vets that treat goats by state go to this link

Q: What type of reviews has Amber Waves had?
 Go To this link

Q: How can I visit Amber Waves?
A: You can make an on-line appointment by going to this link

Q: What colors do pygmy goats come in?
: Click this Link

Q: What type of payments do you accept?
 Major credit cards MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Pay-Pal, Cash or Checks

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Q: Where Can I see you past kids you have sold?
 Click here for 2011  and Click here for 2012

Q: Do you sell bottle babies?
A: Yes, they are available a day or two after birth.

Q: Who are some of your celebrity clients?

Amber Waves
Jim and Debbie Hosley

Norco, CA
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