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Amber Waves was established in 1982 in beautiful Southern California.  We are the number one exporter of pygmy goats worldwide.  Whether you are looking for a family pet or a whole herd we can help.  All our goats come with lifetime support, registered, and  are tested negatvie for CAE, CL and Johnes disease.  We accept all major credit cards, paypal and wire-transfers.
New to this list our some does Ultra-Sounded Pregnant, Nigerian Dwarf Babies, and a Great Pyrnesees Female.
Barracuda - Id 245
DOB : 6/28/14 Beautiful 2014 buck kid.  Outstanding pedigree! Excellent show and breeding potential. Price: $ 1200 USD
Suri - ID 248
DOB: 5/2/12 - Black Agouti Excellent brood doe potential. Bred to Proverbial Pygmies Bad Company Inc.  A young doe just starting her breeding carreer. Price: $995 USD
Breathless - ID 252
DOB: 10/23/12 Rare brown agouti doe. Possibly bred to Champion Proverbial Pygmies Bad Company. Young doe just beginning her breeding career. Price: $1500 USD- ULTRASOUNDED PREGNANT 11/25/14
Raven - ID 254
Very nice show quality doe kid.  DOB: 9/17/14 Black Agouti with white spot rt side. Weaned and ready to go.  Price: $995 USD
Captain Phillips - ID 256
Rare White Caramel Buck. Gorgous! Excellent show and breeding potential. OUTSTANDING PEDIGREE!  DOB: 9/21/14 - Ready to go end of November 2014.  Price: $1300 USD
Black Spinel - ID 259
DOB: 9/17/14 - Black Agouti Doe Kid. Weaned. Excellent show and breeding potential.
Autumn Breeze - ID 262SOLD TO Arizona
DOB: 9/5/14 -Hard to Find  Dark Caramel Doe Kid. Excellent show and breeding potential. Weaned and ready to go.  Price: $1200 USD
Gretel - ID 266
DOB: 10/11/14 - BOTTLE BABY RARE WHITE Caramel Doe Kid.  Loves people, crawels in your lap.  Will be weaned second week in December.
Price: $1350
Hansel - ID 268
Bottle Baby Wether (fixed male) - DOB: 10/11/14 super loving and sweet.  Will be ready to go to his forever home right around Christmas or take now and finish bottle feeding him.  Price: $650 USD
Funny Face - ID 269
DOB: 8/16/12 - Proven brooddoe. Possiblie bred to Champion Proverbial Pygmies Bad Company. Good show potential.  Price: $1500.00 USD ULTR-SOUNDED PREGNANT 11/25/14
1MK Mocha ChinoID - 297
Rare White Caramel Doe Kid -  10/29/14 Super Friendly and loving. Price $ 1200 USD
Blackest Lily - ID 270
DOB: 1/24/12 - Proven brooddoe. Possibly bred to Champion Proverbial Pygmies Bad Company. Black Agouti Doe.  Price: $1395.00 USD ULTRA-SOUNDED PREGNANT 11/25/14
Snow White - ID 271
DOB: 2/18/14 Rare  caramel doe kid. Good breeding and show potential.  Price: $1900 USD
Carmella - ID 272
DOB: 2/18/14 - Female Rare Caramel is hard to find. Young doe ready to begin in breeding career in 2015.  Price: $1900 USD
Holiday Attraction - ID 274
DOB: 10/26/14 - Light Grey Agouti Doe Kid. Good show and breeding potential. Ready to go to her forever home around Christmas.
Apollo Inc - ID 275
DOB: 10/30/14 - Rare White Caramel Buck Kid. Excellent show and breeding potential. Ready to go to his forever home around Christmas 2014. Price: $1200 USD
1MK Paris Undercover - ID 296
DOB: 10/26/14-  Beautiful silver agouti doe kid. Show Quality.  Price: $1200 USD

Thing One - ID 286
Rare brown Agouti Breeding buck.  Just starting his breeding career.  Super sweet and loving DOB: 4/10/13  Price: $ 1200
Squirt - ID 287
Rare white caramel buck kid.  Super loving and sweet. Price: $1200
Dark Storm -ID 288
Black 2014 buck kid.  Super loving and sweet.
Good breeding potential.  DOB: 4/11/14 Price: $1000 USD
Lady Of The Lake - ID 289
DOB: 4/2/14 - Agouti doe kid.  Good breeding and show potential.  Price: $1100 USD
Shane - ID 290
DOB: 2/7/14 - Rare White Caramel Buck Kid. Excellent pedigree.  Price: $1800
A Dazzled Princess -ID 291
DOB: 8/22/12 Outstanding pedigree both parents are Permanent Grand Champion. Due to kid around Feb 1, 2015.  Price: $2800 USD
Spring -ID 292
Great Pyrenees Female DOB: 8/22/12 Female Livestock Guardian Dog - Registered Great Pyrenees white with badger markings.  Limited shows (2) First, second and a reserve winner. Good with goats, alpacas, miniature donkeys. Not with chickens or cats. Hips good, elbows grade 1, heart good. Spring is always happy is not afraid of anything. Always wagging her tail. She needs to be spayed not selling as a breeding bitch. A good home is an absolute must! AKC, International and UKC registered. DNA typed. Microchipped, Current on all shots and worming.  Great with Goats!
21 Jump Street - ID 284
Flashy Nigerian Male Kid DOB: 11/10/14 Parents Triple registered.  Price: $600
American Reunion - ID 285
Nigerian Dwarf Female Doe Kid DOB: 11/10/14. Parents Triple Registered  Price $600
The Gate Keeper - ID 280
BOTTLE BABY Nigerian Dwarf Male  Kid.  DOB: 11/8/14 Parents Triple Registered.  Price $600
Autumun in Spring - ID 283
BOTTLE BABY Nigerian Dwarf Female Doe Kid. Flashy. DOB: 11/8/14 Parents Triple Registered $600
In The House -ID 294-57
Nigerian Dwarf Male (wether or buck)  DOB: 11/21/14 Parents triple registered and tested negative for CAE, CL and Johnes.
With Great Power- ID 295-82
Nigerian Dwarf Male (wether or buck)  DOB: 11/21/14 Parents triple registered and tested negative for CAE, CL and Johnes.
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General Information
  • All sales are final no refunds or exchanges.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • We do not hold any goat without full payment
  • All first time international customers must pay by wire transfer
  • Board is $5.00 per day per goat. Board starts the day an goat is sold and/or arrives at Amber Waves. Board does not begin on babies until weaned. Bottle babies contact us for board rates.  Quarantine is $7.00 per day per goat.
  • All the goats we sell have been tested negative for CAE, CL and Johne's unless under six months of age then their parents have tested negative.
  • All goats come with lifetime support
  • Payments accepted Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover and PayPal.
  • We board goats for our customers if they go on vacation or out of town.
  • We do shots, worming, hoofs at a reduced cost for our customers.
  • We offer education for our customers on how to take care of their new pygmy goats.
  • Shipping if your goat(s) are to be shipped we will handle everything for you from purchasing the crate, scheduling the vet appointment for health certifidacte, making flight arrangments, preparing the crate and taking your pygmy goat to the airport.  There is a small fee charged for this service.
  • If you are exporting we work closely with our exporter, USDA, and veterinarian including any quarantine that might be needed.Contact Amber Waves • Home (951) 736-1076 • Fax (866) 302-2817 • Text Only (951) 444-0074 • Jims Cell 951) 233-4231 • E-mail
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