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Pygmy Goats For Sale - Updated April 1, 2015

Welcome To Amber Waves
Amber Waves was established in 1982 in beautiful Southern California.  We are the number one exporter of pygmy goats worldwide.  Whether you are looking for a family pet or a whole herd we can help.  All our goats come with lifetime support, registered, and  are tested negative for CAE, CL and Johnes disease.  We accept all major credit cards, paypal and wire-transfers.
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#1 Exporter of Miniature Goats Worldwide 
Recent Shipments include Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand

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Amber Waves Breeder  of Miniature Goats
General Information about goats sold by Amber Waves
  1. All the goats we sell if over six months have been tested negative for CAE, CL and Johne's Any goats under six months parents have been tested negative. Lab work available on request.
  2. All goats are registered or come with registration application unless otherwise specified.
  3. All goats come current on shots, worming, coccidia treatment and hoof trimmings.
  4. All Sales are final no refunds or exchanges
  5. We reserve the right to substitute another goat of equal or more value in the event an animal becomes sick or is to pregnant to ship
  6. Prices subject to change without notice
  7. We do not hold any goat without full payment
  1. Board Rates
    1. Outside Pen Board is $5.00 per day per goat outside.  Bucks are $7.00 per day outside. We give all our buyers the first 10 days board at no charge. After 10 days Board starts.  
    2. Board does not begin on babies until weaned with the exception of bottle babies. Bottle babies board is $5.00 per day.
    3. For Quarantine rates contact us for prices.
    4. Inside Barn board is $10 Per Day
  1. You can ship two babies to a crate. Adults one to a crate
  2. We will handle all the registration transfers and registration of any babies born for the cost the registry charges.  This is a courtesy to our customers. We will assist with membership, herd name applications and other registry related matters.
  3. Life Time Support
  4. Goats come dehorned (unless to young to dehorn then you can bring them back at a later date to be dehorned) and current on all vaccinations, worming, Hoof trimming etc.
  5. We handle the vet work for all international and domestic health certificates.
  6. We work closely with our exporter and the USDA in the shipment of your animals.
  7. Automatic reminders via email when the goats are due for shots and worming etc. Depending on the number of animals this may require that you have supply us with two email addresses for the reminders to go to.
  8. Extended Pedigrees
  9. If there are items you need from the US we can buy them and ship to you.  You only pay actual costs.
  10. Answer questions within 48 hours many times within hours.
Local Customers (additional services)
  1.  We board for our local customers (by reservation) if you are going out of town.
  2. We offer low cost worming and vaccinations. Most shots and medicines are $5.00 each with the exception of Coccidia Treatment it is $10
  3. We offer educational classes by appointment for customers only
  4. We offer reduced breeding rates for customers. All goats coming in for breeding must have a negative CAE, CL or Johnes lab report within the last 365 days faxed, emailed or mailed to Amber Waves prior to the goats arrival.
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Why is it important to buy from a breeder that tests their herd? Below are links explaining the three diseases our goats are tested for.
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